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Composite decks are becoming more popular because of their low maintenance requirements and environmental benefits. Composite decking is often installed by homeowners who are surprised to discover that it reacts differently to winter than cedar decks.

If you are looking for timber decking services, then you can also contact us. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your composite deck in winter.

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Color Change:

Composite decking can be said to offer the best of both worlds. Composite decking offers both strength and beauty while protecting against the elements. Although the plastic protects the wood from sun and moisture, it does not always completely encapsulate all wood fibers. Your deck might have some exposed wood fibers. 

These wood fibers may fade if exposed to the elements and can even rot over time. A composite deck can experience discoloration during winter.

Snow Removal:

Many homeowners instinctively pull out their snow shovels when snow accumulates around their homes. But shoveling snow is not the best way to clean your composite deck. The surface of your deck can be damaged by snow shovels, which can cause permanent and unattractive damage.

You can sweep the snow from your deck instead. Salt can also be used to melt the ice. However, once the weather is warmer, rinse the salt residue off your deck.

Composite decking was developed to address many of the issues associated with wooden decks. It has become a sought-after and highly successful decking material. It's important to remember that composite decking is not low maintenance. 

Also, the quality of each manufacturer's decking can vary. It is important to research and choose high-quality products to ensure that you are satisfied with your composite deck.

Winter Maintenance For Composite Decks