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An infrared sauna blanket is basically like a sleeping bag that heats up. Like a physical sauna, the blanket uses infrared light to heat your body directly without affecting the area around you. So, while the inside of the blanket is warm, the outside will remain cool. The temperature ranges from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 160, but will not feel as hot as a physical sauna. This means that you can stay inside for longer periods of time!

This blanket is to be treated like a slightly more relaxing, personal sauna. Wearing clothes is optional, although lying in it naked is recommended to feel the full effects. Simply plug the blanket into the wall, hop in, and get all the great benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. You can order the best-rated infrared sauna via

infrared sauna blanket uk

What are the Benefits of Sauna Blankets?

The effects felt inside the sauna blanket are the same as in a physical sauna. The more time you spend in the sauna blanket, the more effects you will feel. It is the same as doing a moderate level of exercise; the body’s response is very similar.

Your heart rate increases, your blood vessels dilate, you sweat; and as a result of all this, your blood circulation increases. You can feel all the same great effects in a sauna blanket as when you exercise. Increased heart rate and sweating lead to weight loss, lower blood pressure, and better cardiac health.

There are some more significant, chronic health problems that infrared light treatment can help with, such as managing chronic heart failure, easing rheumatoid arthritis, and treating prematurely ageing skin.

Aside from the obvious physical health benefits that infrared light has on our bodies, it can also have some great short-term and long-term mental health benefits. Sheer relaxation through heat therapy raises endorphins in the brain, and studies show that whole-body heat treatment can boost your mood and alleviate depression and anxiety.

Why You Need Infrared Sauna Blanket in the UK