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Divorce is, at the very least, an emotional time for everyone involved. That emotion can affect your judgment and numb you from the action when you need to be proactive. The first step to take when a divorce is likely is to safeguard yourself regardless of whether you're hoping your marriage will be saved. You can go to to get an uncontested divorce.

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It is advisable to make sure you are taking steps to safeguard your future, no matter how the future unfolds. Even if you were the one initiating the divorce. Even a simple divorce with all the courtroom drama could be physically and emotionally draining.

If you're one of those lucky ones and your divorce is going along in a relatively peaceful manner however, there are certain actions you should do to safeguard both your finances and yourself. Uncontested divorces today can quickly go downhill if new details are revealed from either party. 

One of the first steps to do in any divorce, whether uncontested or not, is to segregate the majority of your financial assets from the spouse who is feasible. Things like taking your share of funds from shared bank accounts, getting rid of the name of the other person from vehicle titles, and segregating the responsibility for credit cards as well as other debts. 

Do not put your name or signature on debts the other party will be accountable for once the divorce is done. If you do this, the credit bureau does not care about what the divorce papers state and you'll be responsible for the debt, as well as the overdue amounts. 

Why You Must Protect Yourself In An Uncontested Divorce
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