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Veganism is one of the most sustainable lifestyles you can choose for yourself and for the planet. The vegan diet is not only good for your health but also good for the environment. 

It’s estimated that switching to a vegan diet can save up to 18% of water, 26% of energy, and 32% of land resources compared to eating an omnivorous diet. To get more details about good vegan restaurants you may check it here

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In addition to being environmentally friendly, veganism is also humane. The animals that are used for food are tortured and killed needlessly, whereas plant-based foods do not require such treatment. 

Vegans are often times falsely accused of being unhealthy and eating unhealthy foods, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A vegan diet is extremely healthy for you. Vegan diets are rich in fiber, iron, and protein which prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Vegans have lower rates of some chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease than omnivores do. 

In addition to these benefits to your health, a vegan diet is also more environmentally-friendly than an omnivorous diet. Vegans consume fewer calories while producing less waste because they eat fresh vegetables, fruits and grains instead of meat from animals or animal products like dairy products. All in all, switching to a vegan lifestyle is truly beneficial for you and for the environment.

Why Vegans Are Better For The Environment?