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For the three main kinds of foodservice operators, including restaurant chains, local restaurants, and food entrepreneurs, there are a variety of benefits to renting a commissary. When you boil it down, however, they all have expansion and informed experimentation at the center of their efforts.

Bolster your business

Whether you’re a food entrepreneur or an established local eatery, commissary kitchens can bring unique benefits to your business. You can get more insights into renting a commercial kitchen shared space through

For restaurant chains

Restaurant chains that are already well established in their market can use a commissary to try new markets. Why? Because commissaries are a quick way to start producing, chains can try new menus right away. They can also help you avoid the problem of having too many cooks in the kitchen at a brick-and-mortar location.

For local restaurants

Local restaurants that haven’t yet tried a delivery option may use a commissary kitchen to test delivery. Through the delivery option, you can also expand your customer base to people who would rather order delivery than dine-in or pick-up takeout. 

For food entrepreneurs

Given the lower upfront costs of renting a commissary kitchen than opening a storefront, an individual with an idea can test strengths and weaknesses with a commissary kitchen. A food entrepreneur hoping to launch a customizable cake business might not have a large enough oven in her small apartment. At the commissary kitchen, he will. 

Why Use a Commissary Kitchen for Your Business in Austin