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From time to time there are minor or major accidents. Someone's friend could be hurt or the child could be seriously injured. The ability to treat the injured right away before professional help arrives is called first aid.

Various types of accidents or emergencies can occur and first aid must be provided. It is important that everyone knows some first aid tips because sometimes first aid treatment is very important.

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In cases where the patient has suffered cuts or wounds, first efforts should be made to limit the bleeding. First aid providers should take care not to come into contact with the patient's blood as this can cause infection.

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It is best to cover your hands with latex gloves, or it could be a plastic bag without dirt. As soon as the bleeding has subsided somewhat, an antiseptic ointment should be applied to the wound and bandaged if necessary.

If there is uncontrolled heavy bleeding, the wound should be pressed firmly with a clean, dry cloth. The wound should try to rise above the level of the heart. The victim's tight clothing should be loosened and asked to lie down under constant protection.

Such wounds have the maximum likelihood of causing blood-borne infection leading to septicemia. Therefore, you need to be very careful with first aid.

Why Is First Aid Treatment So Critical?