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When you are 16 years old, you are suddenly faced with a number of confusing choices such as: Do you want to go to college or earn a high school diploma. You may also like the idea of dropping out of school full-time to find a job and earn an income so you don't have to be a student.

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By the age of 18, you may have the opportunity to apply to university or start looking for work. All the options available to you have advantages and disadvantages. This course allows you to get to know the world of work and continue your education while earning an income.

The prospects for staying in school or going to college are terrible for some students, especially if you don't like going to school. Also, if you've spent several years in education, finding a job can be difficult as employers may need someone with experience. This course offers you the opportunity to study commerce and at the same time acquire a qualification relevant to your chosen subject.

Training courses give you the opportunity to earn your own money while having access to other employee benefits such as a pension plan, recreational facilities and a subsidized canteen. While you can start with a student base salary, your income will increase as you develop additional skills.

Instead of spending your days in the classroom, courses offer an experience combined with some training. You will receive mentoring and coaching from other experienced staff who have years of experience that you can continue.

Why Apply for an Apprenticeship Course?