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Louis C. Tiffany is the founder of Tiffany Lamps and Stained Glass Windows.

It was his first design of tiffany lamps being made from lost stained glass from big windows he'd created and designed. But it was only when Clara Driscoll, who went to work for Mr. Tiffany about 1988, the most magnificent and artistic lamps were made under her leadership.

Clara was born Clara Pierce Wolcott, 1860 in Tallmadge. Clara and her three siblings were ambitious and bright. After their dad died, Clara was 12; her mom encouraged her daughters to exceed and to pursue higher study.

Clara shone in art and design and attended design school. She subsequently shifted to New York in search of greater opportunities to utilize her abilities. She attended the Metropolitan Museum Art School and from there was used by Tiffany Studios in 1988 and stayed at Tiffany for 20 years.

How frequently have you heard the saying"the girls behind the man?" Often behind the successful career of a man is a woman pouring in that man's creative genius, thoughts, inspiration, and time.

Regrettably, all too frequently that lady goes unrecognized and unaccredited for the tireless work she has contributed while he's in the limelight and her from the shadows. Nowhere could that be more accurate than at the career of Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933, and Clara Driscoll, 1861-1944.

Very little is known of Clara's actions and responsibilities in her early years in Tiffany, but following a succession of events, Mr. Tiffany put Clara accountable over the Women's Glass Department.

Who Is The Woman Behind Tiffany Lamps?