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Planning for inheritance tax is similar to planning for retirement or pensions in the sense that most of us don't think about it until it's absolutely required. The easiest thing to do is avoid issues like this, and it is likely to be human instinct to avoid situations that we initially think of as to be risky in favor of our more immediate needs.

This is a common mistake, and it's one that can lead to an enormous portion of your inheritance being taxed by the government particularly if you plan to pass the property on to your kids. Although the thresholds for legacy tax planning might remain the same through the years, in a majority of countries, home prices are increasing above the threshold, which means that more and more people are paying huge amounts of tax due to their inheritance.

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After putting in the effort for a few years and putting a lot of effort into your finances, we are at a crossroads and need to make critical financial choices. It's normal to desire to leave something to your loved relatives. The wealth you've accumulated can be used according to your wishes. 

However, your last will and testament ought to be drawn up earlier rather than later, as well as plans formulated ahead of time. In our modern times there is no limit to what can happen, and being caught off guard is a possibility. Your future plans don't have to be limited to the pension plan you have. 

When to Begin Your Inheritance Tax Planning?