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Air conditioners are a common feature in every home. With regular usage, frequent repair problems are bound to crop up. Unfortunately, even a single service call can set you back by hundreds of dollars. The only solution to this problem is to repair your ac at home especially when there are minor problems.

However, repairing this complex electrical system is not simple. You need to understand the different parts of an AC along with common problems that you can easily fix by yourself. You can also get the residential ducted air conditioning solutions through online sources.

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A typical air conditioner features a heat pump compressor, which is responsible for compressing low-pressure refrigerant gas along with a condenser unit, a metering device, an evaporator coil, an air handler, and a duct system.

Some of the common ac repair problems include improper functioning of the condenser, faulty cooling, rattling sounds when the ac is in use or collection of water below the ac.

If your condenser is dirty or is blocked by debris such as grass and dirt then the unit does not cool properly or the condenser turns on and off repeatedly. Cleaning the dirt and grime off the condenser especially the coils and the fins will ensure appropriate cooling.

One of the most common problems that warrant an AC repair is the accumulation of water below your cooling unit. This is the result of duct leakages and can easily be resolved by changing the duct.

There are certain complex problems like repairing the thermostat that might need professional assistance. Moreover, if you are not confident about handling electrical equipment, then it is best to let the experts do the job for you.

What You Need To Know About Fixing Your Air Conditioning