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The word “martial” comes from the Latin word for soldiers. So in essence, martial arts are military skills. This definition is not just limited to combat situations either but can include anything that involves physical fighting skills such as fencing, stick fighting, and knife fighting. If you want to learn about martial art, you can contact –

Martial Arts is a term used to describe a wide variety of fighting styles and techniques. They can be traced back to ancient China, India, and Japan, where they were used as methods of self-defense. Today, martial arts continue to be used for self-defense and fitness around the world. In modern times, martial arts have been adapted for use in MMA and combat sports.

Martial Arts today are used as a way of self-defense, fitness, and competition. Even though it's the same goal over thousands of years, there is no rigid format for the practice or training of each individual style (martial art). Some styles specialize in sport-related activities such as sparring (boxing, kickboxing) while others are purely a self-defense artform like Jujitsu.

Self-defense is a martial art that focuses on self-defense in the home or street. Some Martial Arts focus on one aspect while others are more cross-training oriented. Martial arts are broken down into three categories: Self-defense, Sport and Mixed Martial Arts. 

What is a Martial Art in Calgary?