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Once you have your best digital marketing books made and ready to go, you need to start promoting it. You need to write an article that highlights your book and include the proper link. You can create this eBook yourself or hire a freelance writer to create it for you.

Everyone on the Internet knows about digital marketing. You can use this knowledge to your advantage to promote your book on your site. You can use some of the tips below to help you in your promotion.

Post the promotion links to your website. Use the anchor text. You want to use the keyword so you will always get some traffic when someone searches that phrase. You can also use the keyword "product" instead of "book."

Write articles with a title that relates to your product. If your eBook is about how to design a garden, use the words "how to design a garden." Your eBook would contain information on "how to design a garden," and it is that type of keyword that you want people to use when they search for your product. The more information you provide, the better.

Bookmark websites that give you a free product. I like Word Press, which is an online word processor. Go to it once a week and find a new free product. Sometimes you can also gain access to a powerful article and other promotional items.

Post emails to your list about the promotion. Offer a bonus at the end. Say your eBook is about woodworking, offer to give a free video on how to do a project. Say your eBook is about fishing, offer a free report on how to use Google Maps to find a location. Add some links to your affiliate websites and some links to your author bio.

Join an online community that is related to your field. This could be MySpace, Facebook, Forums, and everything else that are out there. Take advantage of these community sites and post links to your digital marketing book and all the great things you will be doing.

If you are using forums, you need to show your knowledge of your topic. Do not just ask questions. You need to be knowledgeable. Be sure to post a link to your sales page if you have one set up.

Join a newsletter that gives you subscribers who may be interested in what you are selling. This is a free service and may even have a free gift basket for each subscriber. You should do everything you can to build your list.

Set up a blog that gives you links to the best digital marketing books. You can use the free blogs for social networking and writing content. You can also use them to post updates about your book's progress and other products that you are promoting.

Use YouTube to promote your videos. Add videos to your website and sell them as webinars. Make sure to put links to your website as well as the YouTube page.

I can't tell you how much a digital marketing book can help you in your business. You can use it as a way to grow your business.

What Can You Do With A Digital Marketing Books?