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Endometriosis is one of the most common reproductive function-related diseases affecting many women. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in modern medicine, no cure has yet been found. So far, efforts by women and doctors to control endometriosis have been limited to treating the symptoms.

If the condition is too severe and debilitating, surgery is usually considered an option. You can also look for effective techniques to help coping with endometriosis online at

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The most common way to control endometriosis and its symptoms is through medical therapy, which uses drugs and hormones to relieve pain and swelling associated with the condition. For example, combined progestin and estrogen birth control pills are usually prescribed to help regulate ovulation and control pain.

Pills containing danazol, a male hormone, are also used to treat endometriosis. These drugs simulate menopause and reduce estrogen levels. By minimizing the amount of estrogen in the body, endometrial tissue stops growing and causes no pain.

Manage your diet:

A proper diet is not a magic cure for endometriosis, but it can improve overall health and well-being. Eating a balanced diet can ensure a woman's body has adequate nutrition and a stable immune system to treat endometriosis. Good nutrition will also help increase energy levels and prevent negative psychological effects.

Use heat for pain:

Applying heat to the affected area is an effective way to relax muscles and reduce cramps caused by endometriosis symptoms. It also helps increase blood flow to the area by relieving pain. A heating pad or hot tub can help women relax when symptoms appear.

Ways of Controlling Endometriosis