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There are many types of HVAC services available to homeowners, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are four of the most common types of HVAC services: 

1. Air Conditioning: This is the most common type of HVAC service, and it uses air conditioning units to cool or heat a room. The main drawback of air conditioning is that it can use a lot of energy, and it can be expensive to operate. For HVAC maintenance service, you can check this site –

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2. Heat Pump: A heat pump works similar to an air conditioner in that it uses air conditioning units to cool or heat a room. However, a heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat from one place to another instead of using air conditioning units. This makes a heat pump more efficient than an air conditioner, and it can be more cost effective than air conditioning when used in large spaces.

3. Furnace: A furnace uses fire to produce warmth or coldness inside a building. Heating and cooling with a furnace can be more cost effective than using other types of HVAC services, but it can also be more expensive than using an air conditioner.

4. Solar Thermal: Solar thermal systems use mirrors or panels to reflect sunlight into a room. It can be relatively cheap to use solar thermal systems to heat or cool a house, but it is more expensive than using other HVAC services.

Types of HVAC Services
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