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If you love your car, you'd opt for an enclosed automobile transport when auto shipping. These require extra protection when auto shipping in comparison to the garden variety kind of cars.

Enclosed car transport is generally small and can accommodate fewer auto and this adds to the exclusivity of auto shipping. For more information about enclosed car transport you can visit

enclosed car transport

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Here are additional advantages:

1. Your car is protected from the normal elements

The chief reason why we have a garage in the home is that we wish to safeguard our car from the natural elements. The UV rays from sunlight can easily wear out the rust and paint can collect because of the moisture in the environment. 

2. Your car is protected from dust

Dust can get in the tiniest of holes and can make your car somewhat dirty. With an enclosed car transport this may be avoided because your car is covered.

There are a few shippers that would even go as far as surrounding your car with a plastic cover as it gets inside the carrier. This will make sure that no dust can get inside.

It's not always feasible to drive your car by yourself across the country on account of the stress and time involved in the process. In case you decide to engage the services of an auto shipping company, you would be wise to opt for enclosed car transport.

Top Reasons To Get An Enclosed Auto Transport