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The loss of one or more teeth too soon can be devastating for the health of your mouth. Furthermore, the gap between your teeth can have devastating effects on your appearance and confidence. If it is not treated, the condition of edentulism (toothlessness) could cause severe problems and take a huge burden on your life.

With the newest cosmetic treatments that we can find recently in dentistry, teeth-less patients from all ages can benefit from the most recent cosmetic dentistry and restorative solutions. Today, there are solid denture replacement solutions that are stable and long-lasting that are available with a degree of effectiveness that is amazing.

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The most popular options for replacing missing teeth include bridgework dental implants or a denture. implant.

Dental Bridge

The second option is fixed bridgework, which is also known as a fixed partial denture. In this method, the false tooth is created between two crowns. It is reinforced by a frame that is fixed to the adjacent healthy teeth, which serve as a sturdy base for the bridge that will anchor the restoration securely in the position.


A removable denture partial is a different option for teeth that are missing. Also known as removable bridgework and dentures are prostheses that are removable that are fixed to the framework of metal and designed to appear and function just like the natural teeth.

You can also search online for more information about denture replacement procedures.

Top Dental Replacement Solutions For Missing Teeth