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Today it is easy to find inexpensive mass-produced kids clothes like great kids T-shirts in all kinds of retail stores, supermarkets, and online stores but parents today can feel under considerable pressure to dress their children in the brand name or designer gear that their friends and peers wear.

Kids want to look great and have the coolest, fashionable clothes of the day that give them confidence in their look.

Here are some tips on dressing your kids in cool clothes on a budget: However, you can also buy cute tops for kids online.

1. Buy new and re-sell

If you have to buy expensive clothes for your kids then think about selling the clothes once your kids are done with them. You should be able to get some of your money back through selling good quality used clothing either at yard sales or on websites such as eBay or Mums Net.

2. Buy used clothes

Kids grow fast so often their clothes are still in good condition but just don't fit them. Many parents sell their used clothing so as well as selling your used clothing you can buy other people's used kids' clothing at a fraction of the new price and if it is still in good condition then sell it on afterward too!

3. Choose your designer

Designer clothes don't have to come from big-name expensive brands. Look for smaller local designer outlets that don't have the big overheads and can supply cool, unique garments at much lower prices.

4. Swap!

If you have friends with kids then you could trade your old clothes with them. Organize your own clothes swaps with local parents or school and playgroups to get your child a new wardrobe for next to nothing.

Tips for Spending Less on Kids Clothes