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These days managing a creative team is a difficult task. But, it is your responsibility that they are on the right track to follow you. The main responsibility of a team leader is to generate quality output from the team members and at the same time to meet the organizational goals. If you want to know more team management tips navigate to

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So, below are the nine tips and techniques on how to manage a team successfully:

1) Shield your team from as much administrative work as possible. Keep your team focused on the most valuable tasks and where they can be most productive.

2) Train your team in creative problem-solving techniques.

3) Allocate time for new ideas to emerge. Try not to hold your team to unreasonable and arbitrary schedules and deadlines.

4) Let your team do their job without constant check-ins and oversight. Avoid micro-management!

5) Stress the importance of open communication.

6) Encourage your team to utilize you as an escalation point.

7) Allow exploration to happen and encourage the team to share ‘learnings’ across all disciplines. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration.

8) Keep challenging the way your team approaches their work. Encourage team members to keep looking anew at the way they approach their work.

9) And most importantly — tolerate risk-taking. It is inevitable with design thinking and agile models now being used on projects. Foster a team environment where failure is a learning opportunity, not something that would limit one’s career.

The above nine tips are effective team management strategies that will definitely help you out in managing a creative team. Make space for creativity, investigation, and failure on your team.

Tips for Managing Creative Teams