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There are many things that can be included in survival gear that would be sufficient for at least 3 days. If you put together the following things in survival gear as listed down below, you will be better prepared in the future.


A fit backpack offers benefits such as freedom of movement when walking. Get a backpack or a bug-out bag that will keep all your things together as well as it will be light to carry around. You can find plenty of backpacks and survival kits for sale that are available online. 

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Many survival guidelines state that you should consume 1 gallon per person per day. If your survival kit is portable, you will likely need to carry at least 1 liter per person per day.


Every food you pack should have a long shelf life so you don't have to replace or add more in your survival gear for a week. Look for nonperishable food that only requires boiling water for cooking.


You should pack enough clothes to get you through situations like rain, mud, sweat, or even if they get torn out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You should always carry sufficient clothes with you in your survival gear. 


You can go with a small tent for 1 person or a tarp and a sturdy cord or parachute cord. If there is still plenty of room in your survival bag, you can add a bed sheet or room blanket.

Other Important Things 

There are several things you should include in your survival kit. A first aid kit including all the necessary items should work. You can't forget your survival knife, waterproof matches, multiple matches, flint, and flashlight. You definitely need to bring some small fishing gear to survive. Compass can also be useful, maps and some multi-tools should also be easily accessible and of course a survival guide.

Things To Include In A 3 Day Survival Kit
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