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The first thing that comes to mind when buying a new car is the budget. Study the cars in your desired price range, taking into account some common features like power steering, power windows, etc.

Choose a maximum of three cars to suit your budget and expectations, a shortlist of more cars will only confuse you. Once you've selected your car, the next step is to order a test drive for all three available options. You can click this website to know more about test drive appraisal software including finance, management as well as sales, and traders.

Several things must be considered when doing a test drive. Let's look at these aspects below:

Make sure it is the same version you want to buy

It is very important to test the correct version of the car. Confirm the vehicle version details with the driver bringing the car for a test drive. Don't compromise on a test drive and ask for the same version you want to buy if the dealer sends a different model. Check with the person in charge for a complete list of machine functions and specifications.

Check comfort

Comfort does not mean the driver is comfortable while driving, but also the rear passengers. Sit in the back seat to feel the comfort and legroom this car has to offer. Keep in mind that the rear of the cabin is more important in terms of comfort because it is often equipped with elders, so check-in in the car is an important feature.

Things to Check When Test Driving a New Car