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Eyebrow extensions are very similar to lash extensions. False eyebrow hair is applied directly to the skin or onto existing eyebrows with medicated glue.

However, with eyebrow extensions, the fibers actually attach directly to the skin or eyebrow hair, unlike eyelash extensions, where you need natural lashes to hold the extensions in place. They are a safer, cheaper, and less invasive service than micro-blading! You can also click at the following source to buy eyebrow extension online:

Eyebrow Extensions – False Eyebrows – Thicker Eyebrows

Anyone looking to beautify their natural brows is a good candidate. In addition, those who want to add volume will have a distinct arch, the brow area looks bigger and fuller.

It is mostly for special occasions like weddings or red carpet premiere, and we have to agree! Maximum duration of two weeks is not a long term fix.

Eyebrow extensions very sensitive, if you have very thin eyebrows with a little bit of brow hair to fix the extension, the hair will last much less because there's also a little more on the glue.

When planning an appointment for eyebrow extension, the process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how you want to look.

Your brow artist will work with you to choose the eyebrow hair color that best suits you and the look you want. Brown is the most popular color and is combined with many skin tones. If you have very light hair, you might want to try a little lighter color options for a more natural look.

One more thing to note: the width of the hair is very important. The strands used, have to be very fine to look natural, otherwise, it will look wrong, almost like bad hair plugs!

Thin, Sparse Brows: Brow Extensions Are The Ultimate Solution
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