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drone in Perth services


Advance setup is required before flying your drone. Failure to do this will result in disappointing results in capturing the wrong drone footage even if you present at an amazing location. Apart from setup, flying your drone also depends on the time. Timing is what offers the best drone footage that is appealing to the eyes. If you aren’t sure what is the ideal time to fly your drone, follow these tips.

  1. When the Sun is about to Rise – The sunrise is ideal for a few drone pilots in order to achieve stunning aerial footage. However, many drone pilots often lose the opportunity to capture ideal footage since they are often sleeping. The Sunrise shot offers golden lights which are known to compliment the shadows. Moreover, the beauty of fog and mist can also be seen thanks to the sunrise. The drawback of shooting at sunrise is to ensure your drone isn’t facing the sun since it can capture flares which aren’t ideal for the footage.
  2. When the Sun is about the Set – The contrast and saturation of the footage can be improved when you shoot during sunset with your drone. In fact, shooting during sunset is ideal when it comes to adding something unique. If the fog is absent during sunset, then you can achieve purple tones to the shadows while achieving silhouetted terrain. Now, this isn’t possible while flying your drone during sunrise.

Sunrise and sunset are probably the most ideal time to take footage with your drone. If you aren’t confident, then hire a professional that offers the best drone services in Perth.

These are the Ideal Times to Fly your Drone