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Covid-19 pandemic which started in late December of 2019 is still haunting us. Many shops and businesses have shut down for good, employees are still losing their jobs while people suffering from this virus have died. Due to these reasons, social distancing has come into effect where employees have been forced to work from home which can take a toll on teammates who had been previously working by physically being present in an office. However, thanks to the technology, we still have the chance of team building activities for virtual teams. Here are a few activities teams working from home should try out.

  1. Online Office Games – There are a few small yet fun online office games teams must try out to have a great time. Some of the games include; typing competition, print-paper origami, murder mysteries and more.
  2. Tiny Campfire – Another popular team building activity to try out virtually is the tiny campfire. For this game all you need is a tealight candle, matches and memories to share with one another allowing you to create the feeling of remaining engaged with one another.
  3. Tea Vs Coffee Taste Challenge – A game that requires taste buds of your team members to be able to differentiate various types of teas and coffees. It is not necessary to have both tea and coffee in the menu. Choose one, buy a few varieties, send it to your team members and ask them to open only during the day of the challenge. It definitely is one of the best and finest online games.

Along with these fun games, you should also try out enrolling for business training courses.

Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams