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Affecting up to 9 in 10 women, cellulite might be one of the world’s most common physiological conditions. A common misconception about cellulite is that it’s a side effect of weight gain, but this isn’t so. 

It’s a condition that affects women of all body types. And understandably, it’s one of the top things women would like to change about their bodies if they could. You can choose non-invasive fat loss technology via to help you shape the body you want.

This desire to better control cellulite has led to many technological innovations in recent years, some more effective than others. So let’s review what’s out there and examine what we know so far.

What is cellulite? And what can be done about it?

Cellulite is caused by a shortening of fibrous tissue cords in the skin. This tightening pushes fatty tissues up to the surface of the skin leading to a dimpling effect. Cellulite tends to appear after a woman has finished puberty, with evidence showing it becomes more common with age. 

New technological advances are perpetually coming to market to treat cellulite. And with each new advancement, we gain a better understanding of how to better treat it.

Finding the cellulite treatment that’s perfect for you

There is a myriad of choices available if you’re interested in minimizing the appearance of cellulite, some of your treatment options include:

  • Plus, BodyTite, BodyFX & MiniFX – Minimally & non-invasive procedures

  • Cellfina – Minimally invasive treatment

  • Cellulase – Minimally invasive laser treatment

  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction – Minimally invasive laser treatment

  • Zerona – Non-invasive laser treatment

  • CoolSculpting – Non-invasive cryo (freezing)

  • Carboxytherapy – Non-invasive CO2 injections

  • Acoustic Wave Therapy – Non-invasive soundwave treatments

  • Ionithermie – Non-invasive treatments

  • Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release – Minimally invasive treatment

  • Ultrasonic Liposculpting – Minimally invasive treatment

Some Latest Innovations In Cellulite Treatments
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