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Resilience refers to the ability to adapt and react to challenges in life and use them to your advantage to reach your goals. Individuals and teams that are more resilient feel more motivated and more inspired to tackle challenges.

Given the changing needs of organizations, building resilience is a strategic priority. People will perform better when they don't keep their heads above the water. You can also look for resilience coaching through

The Importance

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Deeper dive into coaching and development tools:

  • Personality tool: A objective assessment that measures an individual's personality and motivations in order to predict their on-the-job behavior and potential.

  • 360-degree feedback: A 360 report shows the results of a survey. A questionnaire is given to the individual asking for feedback on various aspects of their work performance, such as communication, problem-solving, relationship building, and time management.

  • Performance review: Managers can connect with their employees to provide feedback and discuss their performance.

  • Assessment of leadership: This assessment is used to evaluate the personality traits of great leaders, such as urgency, openness to new ideas, and willingness to take risks.

The goal was almost always to help them become more efficient. This is not a bad approach. Coaching focused on increasing self-awareness, resilience and confidence led to greater gains in performance at a faster pace. Although the focus of coaching was different for each individual, this trend was clear.

Some Basic Things About Resilience Coaching