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Sustainable construction projects have become the standard and not the exception in today's society. Architects, designers, and construction companies strive to protect, preserve and respect the environment. 

The best design-build construction company you hire should minimize the use of resources as far as possible to create structures that have social, economic, and ecological benefits for the community. 

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There are signs that the construction company is taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of the project and maximize the value that the community receives in return for the project.

Federal and state governments have a number of requirements that companies must comply with regarding environmental practices and sustainable development. 

Companies with strong ethical codes not only comply with these regulations but also require their employees to be aware of them.

While materials should be used to create projects, minimize waste, use recycled products, and use as few natural resources as possible, this is another hallmark of companies adopting sustainable practices. 

The use of local materials, where possible, reduces transportation costs. This saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Another option is to use excess existing materials and unused products from the finished project. This minimizes waste, saves money, and also reduces transportation and storage of excess materials.

Signs of a Sustainable Construction Company