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Shower chairs have been around for almost as long as showers, but with today's ageing population, they are becoming more popular than ever. Mobility problems, diseases and balance disorders for various reasons make bath chairs more and more appear in households. In addition, bathrooms expand and, as the shower cover grows, they become large enough to accommodate a shower chair comfortably. You can get the best shower chair at

A wide variety of modern corrosion-resistant materials can be used to make bath chairs. Some of the cheapest ones are made of good old plastic which is now available in very strong and thin designs. This chair is easy to move, lightweight and can withstand heavy loads. Some shower chairs can be swivelled or disassembled, which makes storage easier.

Of course, with any shower chair that can be folded or stowed, you want to make sure it locks securely into place, whether in the open or closed (storage) position.

Some bath chairs are nothing more than large stools without a backrest. Others have backrests, which of course take up a bit more space. However, when choosing your seat, consider your own needs first. Look for one that is comfortable, safe, has a seat height that is good for you, and provides the support you need.

An upholstered shower chair may be a good choice for you if the standard upholstered version seems too uncomfortable. The back is usually covered with thick, harmless vinyl to protect against water. Most have a rubber or other non-slip coating on the underside of the foot.

Shower Chairs – Maintain Your Independence Safely