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If you take a look at the inventory of a Belton junkyard that buys cars, you will often notice that many of the same models are in stock but have different paint colors. This is not an accident. Junkyards know that auto-body parts buyers prefer to see the same paint job on their vehicles, so they have the incentive to offer a wide range of options. You can find the nearest junkyard services online for your requirement.

The Most In-demand Paint Jobs

A junkyard might be interested in purchasing your junker for its paint job, depending on the color. However, some paint jobs draw more attention than others. Wikipedia lists the following eight top paint colors for consumer vehicles:

Covair Ranch

* White – 21%

* Black – 19%

* Silver -16%

* Grey – 16%

* Red – 10%

* Blue – 8 %

* Brown – 7.7%

* Green – 3 %

These colors are popular among consumers, so junkyards will be eager to buy them. These are the colors that a Belton junker buyer will be most familiar with when reviewing offers for sale. Sellers have the advantage of knowing which colors are most likely to be found on their vehicles.

Why are paint jobs important?

Consumers often want to restore their car to its original condition when they purchase junkyard parts. They want the restoration to look seamless when purchasing body parts. Different colors on the body make cars stand out like sore thumbs.

You may have seen a white sedan with a maroon hood or a silver sedan with a red front door. Or perhaps a combination of different colors. It's likely that the driver was not trying to express his artistic vision. The driver almost certainly found the odd-colored piece in a vehicle salvage yard, which was not the right color.

Since how we perceive ourselves and our vehicles are reflected in how others see us, it's important to get body parts in the correct color. It can also affect our feelings.

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