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Idiopathic scoliosis is often categorized based on the patient's X-ray and a number called the Cobb angle.. The diagnosis is scoliosis and the recommendation is to monitor it, improve it, or combine it entirely by count. There are many factors that are not only related to the diagnosis of this condition, but also to the actual treatment.

The first important piece of information to understand this condition is the person's age at the time of diagnosis and at present. Age is a key factor in determining progressive risk and the options available to understand their condition. 

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For example, the Scoliscore is an excellent genetic test that is easy to perform and gives doctors and parents an idea of the future, especially if the current spinal curvature is less than 30 degrees, but is only available if the patient is at least 9, but is not yet a skeleton. If this test is available and your child is within the parameters being tested, take the test. 

If 75% of children tested with Scoliscore have a mild genetic risk and your child belongs to this group, you can quickly turn off hard braces because braces are designed to stop development and avoid surgery.

If your child has scoliosis below 50 degrees and has progressed through his pubertal growth cycle, his development will likely slow down dramatically or even stop altogether. Scoliosis can be treated by exercise or scoliosis braces suggested by your doctor.

Scoliosis Diagnosis and Treatment In USA