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In the absence of a sleeping mat, anybody who dozes off, while resting outside, within an uncovered surface may feel the effects of a heat transfer. Body heat is transferred into the cold atmosphere surrounding the sleeper. Therefore, he or she's likely to awaken with a chilled atmosphere.

Needless to say, that scientific explanation doesn't start to account for the rising popularity of the inflatable sleeping mat as well as the foam mat.  The two kinds of pads offer a prone body using a sizable amount of additional support. Only high-quality, field-tested and highly affordable sleeping mats can provide you that support.

Sleeping mat

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If a person were to sleep on the hard floor, a sleeping mat could cushion his or her entire body from uneasy "jabs," like those who might come from stones on the ground. Sleeping mats of a top-quality should also shield your system from any dampness from the floor. But the very best sleeping mat will prove ineffective, even if utilized on the ground of a tent that lacks a proper protective coating. 

That coating ought to cover every inch of the surface, including the part that rests on the floor. Placed on quite moist ground, the base of a tent may behave like the wick in a candle. It may draw up in the camper’s "inner sanctum" some of the water which has accumulated on the floor.

Then all of the items from the tent, for example, any sleeping bag, one resting on a mat are sure to get wet. Obviously, the mat gets evenly moist. This kind of occasion would change a lightweight, simple to transfer pad into a thick, difficult to transport object. By the identical token, it could abolish the occurrence of an appropriate and encouraging sleeping mat.

Scientific overview of Sleeping mats
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