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While you may have heard or even recommended the term "root canal treatment," what does it mean? Well, the space in the tooth from the main center (pulp chamber) to the root length is called a root canal.

Each tooth has one to four root canals, which vary depending on the tooth. Then there are the "auxiliary channels" that branch from the main channel but vary through different teeth. You can also check the root canal in Alexandria for treatment.

root canal

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Other steps that are usually performed in a root canal procedure are:

• Dental X-rays were taken of the teeth and all teeth were exposed and used as a reference.

• After the teeth tickle, a rubber dam is placed in your mouth. This shield is made of latex and keeps teeth isolated from saliva. It must be very dry before starting the procedure.

• Dentists can use a variety of chemicals to disinfect teeth both externally and internally. The installed latex dam ensures no chemicals enter your mouth.

• A small hole is drilled in the pulp chamber and infected nerves and tissue are removed with the help of a small file.

• Another X-ray will be taken to determine the root length. All the roots must be removed to ensure that there is no infection or pain later. 

• After all the teeth have been cleaned, the teeth are dried and a filling made of rubber is placed to seal the teeth.

Root Canal Procedure At Dental Clinics In Alexandria