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PPC stands for the full form "PayPal Click" service. It is also known as the "Cost Per Click" service. This is an internet advertising model in which an advertiser makes use of the content of the owner's website to market a product, phrase, or a service.

The owner has to ensure that enough traffic is being driven to his or her website, as the same will benefit the advertiser. In return, the owner gets compensation. It is commonly associated with first-tier engines like Google AdWords. With the help of these search engines, owners typically seek to generate revenue by targeting niche topics or specific content.

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The ad content on each site generates fixed revenue for the advertiser. However, several factors can influence the level of pay per click. PPC usually display advertisements in the form of banner ads.

This ad is put up on the website to display related content by looking for content or pre-defined content. It makes use of visual aids; whereas, audio can also be used. Social sites such as Facebook or Twitter are also using this form of advertising PPC native flag.

PPC services will show your ad whenever your keyword query matching a particular keyword or content determined. These ads are known as "Sponsored links" or "sponsored ad" and appear above or below the search results on search engines or pages or anywhere, where the developer has chosen to display. This is a very effective tool to abuse through click fraud.

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