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In particular, the Myers-Briggs typology offers better constructs (compared to useless terms such as conservative and liberal) for predicting how a person will act politically and socially. Myers-Briggs' research, combined with biology and brain-scanning techniques, also offers clues to understanding the underlying anatomical basis that makes a person such an ominous radical or a gentle follower.

However, all too often, we know deep down that some people are "desperate". Conclusions about the failure of this propaganda sometimes appear across the political, cultural, and religious spectrum. If you want to get more details on the Myers Briggs test, then you can visit

Personality theory in psychology allows us to better categorize people in society without having to use names. 

We've all met people who just can't seem to change their perspective based on new data. Most of us still say that further education (or indoctrination/propaganda, as is often the case) is necessary because that person will inevitably turn around when his consciousness is expanded enough with additional data to support your point of view.

There have been relatively popular attempts to explain scientifically why the majority of the population has always been a military zone between the extremes. It is assumed that this will always be the case because there will always be villains and very altruistic self-sacrifice. 

The reason this assumption is troubling is not that there is some degree of fatalism ('he will surely be radical of one line or another' or 'he will surely be socially lazy, superficial, apathetic and indifferent"). 

Myers Briggs Personality Type And Political Affiliation