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Drupal has become a developers pet since the advent into the web arena. More and more website owners also opted for Drupal development services to a wide range of benefits. Drupal-based applications offer high functionality and scalability that is unmatched. It is, however, SEO friendly aspects of Drupal which makes it the preferred choice.

Drupal web development offers several ways to increase incoming web traffic on your website. Here are some modules that are integrated in Drupal CMS can help you take the SEO of your Drupal site to the next level:

1. Page Title Module: page title is the text displayed at the top of your web page that allows users to identify what information that particular page contains. This module allows you to set the title tag that is an important component of SEO. In addition, this module allows you to remove the default page title assigned by Drupal.

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2. XML Sitemap Module: A sitemap is very important from an SEO perspective. This allows the machine to easily scan links and content available on the website of the search. As the name suggests, this module automatically create a sitemap for your website. It facilitates the search engines to keep their search results updated.

3. Global Redirect Module: Sometimes your website has two different URLs with the same content published on them. Google responded this as spamming efforts that consequently gives your website look shady. This module will help you in fixing this URL to direct them to the real page, so make your website Google friendly.

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