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Traditional herbal medicine has been used for centuries as medicinal remedies. In addition, herbal medicines and conventional processes have identical in mediating its effects on the human body. Moreover, it also provides herbal medications that can cause harmful side effects if ingested or used properly.

Dyes are essentially an alcoholic extract often composed of various concentrations of ethanol. Dyes Some herbal does not use ethanol as a solvent although it is solvent the most frequently applied. Other solvents used in dyes include vinegar, glycerol and propylene glycol ether. Herbs are placed in a pot and soaked in 40% alcohol, which is allowed to stand for 2-3 weeks. It is then shaken from time to time to maximize the concentration of the solution. Kratom plants are used to make dyes for various functions.

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Kratom is a medicinal plant harvested tall trees of the Rubiaceae family originating in Southeast Asia. It was officially documented by Dutch colonial botanist who gave his name Mitragyna genus, for the marks of the first species like the shape of the bishop's miter.

Kratom leaves are constantly challenged and replaced, while the leaves fall is abundant in the dry season of the year. This is replaced by a new growth is more plentiful during the rainy season. Kratom trees grow best in humid and wet, fertile soil with medium to full sun exposure. There are two different strains of kratom – white and red vein vein kratom.

Many Benefits of Using the Kratom