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Makeover photo-shoots are very popular, transforming your everyday look into that of a professional model, with a permanent reminder of how good looking you really are. The challenge is selecting a makeover studio that offers the best value.

Sadly, the public perception and reputation of the high-street photography industry is tarnished by those that charge extortionate amounts for poor quality images.

In fact, in most major cities, many in the target market (women in their 30s and 40s) know someone who has been grossly overcharged in this way, and are suspicious of all photography businesses. You can also book professional headshots photographers via

The good news is that there are high-quality best value makeover photography businesses – you just need to know what to look for!

There are two operating models for high-street photography studios: free and low-cost shoots with high image costs, and all-inclusive packages. The key to arranging a successful shoot is to understand the difference and select the right studio for your needs.

Makeover Photography studios that offer low shoot fees recover their operating costs selling images after the shoot. Superficially, this seems good, as clients only buy the images they want.

However, the clients that buy images have to cover the studio's operating costs for both their shoot, and those of clients who do not buy any images. Moreover, many clients feel compelled to buy some images, whether they like them or not, as they have expended time and effort attending the shoot.

This type of studio rarely advertises the cost of their images, and is often characterised by a conveyor-belt style of photography, whereby all clients go through the same preparation process and are photographed in the same location against the same background, to maximise the studio's productivity and profitability. So, people attending free and low cost shoots, usually end up paying excessively for a small number of generic images.

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