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Frozen yogurt has been a popular choice for health for many years. When compared to other dessert options, frozen yogurt is a healthier and more balanced option. You'll notice a difference in your body when you substitute frozen yogurt for fat-laden desserts such as ice cream. 

Both children and adults love a good cup of frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt can be substituted for unhealthy desserts by adding healthy amounts to your diet. You can also make frozen yogurt at home by buying a frozen yogurt machine from

yogurt machine

Frozen yogurt makes a healthy dessert choice. It uses only 0.5 percent of the total milk fat, instead of using up to 15% like ice cream. This allows the yogurt to retain enough milk fat for smoothness while reducing excess fat.

Frozen yogurt is a healthier option than ice cream. Common yogurt contains active and live cultures that provide many benefits to the body. When yogurt is frozen, the cultures will remain alive. As long as the yogurt was not heated up during mixing, the cultures will become dormant. 

The probiotic cultures can be killed if the mixture is heated up too long before freezing. Once the bacteria reach your digestive system, they begin to heat up and become active again. These cultures aid in digestion and can quickly break down lactose in milk products. 

To ensure you get the best health benefits, make your own frozen yogurt using a freezer machine. You can be sure that the yogurt you make yourself will have the best health benefits.

Make Frozen Yogurt An Essential Part of Your Diet Plan