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Dancing has been a passion for many and one can express feelings through this art form in the most appropriate way with Godatu, the topmost social dance network in the country today. You can also enroll in different forms of dance through – A Dance Pioneer of Dance Challenge App, Chuzi .

Being there in the industry for almost 50 years now, the company has a complete collection of the latest videos on almost all kinds of dance forms for dance enthusiasts so that they can learn every step in the most appropriate way.

Hip hop is considered to be one of the most popular dance forms in the world that requires free movement of the body with hands and feet moving simultaneously to complement the art form.

 There are numerous hip-hop dance videos uploaded at Godatu where one can learn the perfect body movements and the style that the dance enthusiasts need to learn in order to learn this form of dance to its best. 

Not only that through these videos, but one can also learn the right movement, posture, and grace that is important to learn hip hop at its best.

The learners must adopt the perfect moves for hip hop like harlem shake, krumping, liquids and digits, jerkin, turfing, robots and mannequins, floating, popping, locking, boogaloo, breaking, crip walking and so on.

 Through these videos, one can get step by step instructions, with useful tips, pictures and warnings from professional trainers.

Learn Best Form Of The Dance From Godatu Hip Hop Dance Videos