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Below are some simple and extremely inexpensive options with respect to airplane birthday party invitations, decorations, cakes, and party food, and favors, as well as activities and games. Kids absolutely love planes and will have a great time with an airplane motif party! Here are a couple of suggestions that will help you create high-flying success! 

To pull this party off and accent the topic, make certain the birthday child is dressed up as a pilot. Guests could come dressed as flight attendants or famous people who have been flying. You can check out Funky Pilot if you are looking for pilot dresses and other gifts.

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Airplane Party Decorations

Twist the party room to some combination airport and air terminal setting. Establish a place for those gifts to be placed, together with the favors. Hang paper airplanes from the ceiling together with the fishing line. To create your skies, hang blue and white crepe paper on the other side of the ceiling.

Cluster bands of white and blue balloons across the party space, especially in the corners, and affix to a version airplane to each cluster.

The Way to Generate an Airplane Birthday Cake

After the cake cools, put that in the freezer for a couple of hours to chill it thoroughly. Use food coloring to dye the frosting a blue. Frost the entire cake for this frosting. Place dollops of white frosting at the top of the cake to shape a few white clouds onto the birthday cake. Then display little toy airplanes on the cake that it seems as though they're soaring through the heavens. In the clouds utilizing dark blue icing.

Kids Airplane Birthday Party – A Great Aviation Styled Kid’s Birthday Bash