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Every now and then, new methods put in a lot of time and money dedicated to the office, facilities, and staffing to then allow businesses to enter their premises and discover massive delays in receiving insurance reimbursements. 

In most cases, the issue could've been solved by addressing the insurance credentialing process earlier and thoroughly by establishing the proper relationships with insurance providers. There are a few things to consider when you tackle the process of obtaining credential verification.

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Begin the process of getting insurance credentialing in the early stages – up to six months before you can see the first person you see. It can take carriers up to 3-4 months to look over documents and decide even if everything appears to be in order. 

If there are mistakes or missing information, or questions about the documentation submitted, further weeks, or even months could be added to the procedure. 

To decide the types of insurances you can be credentialed with, take into consideration your location in the area and your patient demographics. Additionally, talk to colleagues and other providers, clinics as well as larger hospitals in the region and inquire about who their top payers are. 

Find out which providers are the most suitable to work with, who pays promptly and has the highest number of enrollments, and which may be in a position to fill together with other specialists in your area.

Insurance Credentialing For New Healthcare Practices