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There are no guidelines that limit the number of people eligible for a sales incentive program. Each group deserves its own treatment.

Before finalizing your sales incentive plan, speak to members of the intended group. Without revealing your specific plans, get their opinions, needs, and likely responses.

Why sales incentives should be used to motivate your sales staff?

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It is important not to make too many assumptions without checking with the target group.

If it's an internal program, it is easy to find out the size of the group. If you are not part of the organization, however, you need to have accurate numbers.

Do not proceed until your audience is accurately calculated.

There are many ways to motivate people. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Even if the benefit isn't immediately apparent, it's important to choose activities that both benefit your organization and the participant. If participants can see the tangible benefits of previous programs, they will be happier and more open to new incentive schemes.

Explain to them clearly how they can join the program and what they need to do. To increase recall and understanding of your message, send more than one message.

It is obvious that an incentive program needs to be timed carefully. If this is not done, incentives can work against your business and can even be very harmful.

Timing is the single problem that makes many otherwise good incentive programs fail. Timing is the most important aspect of your overall program.

Before attempting to submit the best time, it is important to take into account the needs of everyone.

How To Motivate People In A Sales Incentive Program?