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The dual battery system permits you to separate the secondary battery from the main one. Utilizing the right battery isolator can prevent an accidental discharge of the starter battery, which could cause you to be stranded. It is able to charge both batteries in a sequence of importance using your current motor or source of charge.

Find a suitable dual battery system installation service in Perth via Klarmann Automotive Solutions. Place the second battery next to the primary battery, If possible, fix it using straps or brackets. Once you've got your location chosen, this dual-battery kit can cleverly connect the batteries to charge them using these simple steps.

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Remove the black or negative lead from the primary battery to ensure security. Choose a suitable place to install the R140 Isolator. Typically, a wall or side wall close to the primary battery is the best choice. 

Then, measure from the battery's positive terminal to the spot where the isolator is to be placed to determine the amount from the red wire that comes in the kit that you'll have to connect to the two. Cut it to length. Attach one of the smaller crimp connectors onto the cable's end with two crimp pliers. 

Then, open the inside of the isolator's back and connect the cables to the red connector of the isolator. Unscrew the proper "knock out" on the back of the isolator for an easy route for the cable. Don't join the brand new wire to the battery that is used for primary until you have completed the installation.Then, measure the length of the red cable that you'll require to run to connect to the R140 isolation device to connect the battery's positive end. 

How to Install a Second Battery