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Ever wondered how some are able to maintain their natural tan for the whole period of the year? It not a secret and it's sure not so natural after all. Using self tanners or indoor tanning products can help you keep that back from vacation perfect look for as long as you want.

If you are already attending a tanning salon then you can work on the already base tan you must've got. Otherwise, indoor tanning products can be used very successfully independently too. For some, they represent the best alternative. If your skin is too sensible then this is the way you can work around the damaging sun rays.

The sunless tanning products for example Gradual Face Tan come in many sizes and shapes: gels, creams, lotions, sprays. All of them are working on the same principle, on the same special ingredient that stimulates the darkening of your skin tone. Used carefully and wisely, they can get you the perfect tan you have never achieved.

Of course, there is a difference coming in prices for these products, pending on the brand, fragrance, purity, concentration. You need to remember to always go with the one that contains a moisturizer because this way you can be sure that your skin will not get irritated.

I think the key word in choosing the correct self tanner is training. Basically, you will need to test as much products as you can in order to see which one interacts the best way possible with your body. Simple rules, like exfoliating and washing before applying anything need to be strictly followed. You can test the new items on unexposed areas of your body, like wrists, knuckles, elbows.

Once you have determined which product you want to use i.e. which is the tone that you will be getting, you can start applying the item all over your body. You need to remember to start once you are completely dried and that you need to constantly wash your hands during the process. Otherwise, they might get the uneven tan or some silly marks that will spoil you the end result.

How to Get the Perfect Tan Using Indoor Tanning Products