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It can be fun to go to the beach, but you might feel self-conscious if your swimsuit isn't the right fit. It can seem like everyone else on the beach is just as beautiful as you. 

You don't need to look as good as everyone else when you have great-fitting swimwear. You can also look for the best modest swimwear hijab online.

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These are our top tips for finding the perfect swimwear.

Take a Measurement of Yourself

Know your measurements before you begin looking. It is not like shopping for a wedding dress: you want the swimwear to fit perfectly. After trying on the swimwear, you may want to inquire about alterations.

Choose swimwear that fits your body

Different body shapes and sizes mean that different styles and looks will look different on different people. You need to know what type of body you have before buying swimwear that flatters it.

Some people with more pear-shaped bodies may prefer to cover up in one-piece swimsuits. However, this is not always the best option.

You should instead show off your hips and legs more. You can make your legs appear longer and slimmer by wearing pants that tie at one side. It's a good idea to have a wrap or skirt that coordinates with your top.

A bikini and drawstring pants are best for athletes. These pants will make your hips appear wider and enhance your muscular build. For those with a strong build, swimwear with horizontal stripes is a good choice.

How To Find Great Fitting Swimwear
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