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In these economic times of recession, outsourcing your desktop support tasks is a smart business move. Although most desktop support providers strive to provide flawless service to their clients, there are many differences in their abilities.

It is important to thoroughly screen potential service providers before you sign a service contract. You can also find the best desktop support services in Toronto via

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This is how to verify that your chosen organization is right for you.

1. Inquire about the qualifications and experience of support staff. When approaching service providers, make sure you ask about the qualifications of their support staff. These organizations need staff with the right technical qualifications to deliver the best service. Don't be afraid to ask. Do not be defensive if they refuse to answer your question.

2. Ask about their response time. Find out how quickly they can attend to your problem. A 4-hour response SLA would mean that they will respond within four hours from the time you call.

3. Ask for a personal contact who is available to work on your systems. Even better, if the person is a senior employee. This will ensure that you always have someone knowledgeable about your system and can help other junior employees who are working on the systems. This will make it possible to fix problems faster and with minimal downtime.

4. Learn more about remote support services and outsourcing helpdesk: Find out if they have a helpdesk that can attend to any problems. Also, ask if they have industry-standard software that allows remote access to your servers or network. The outsourcing provider must have a competent helpdesk with qualified employees.

How To Choose Your Desktop Support Provider?