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What are the different types of interior designers who are available?

Interior decorators are a new term. This is a professional service that transforms your home with the knowledge and experience you have accumulated over time. It creates a harmonious, balanced space that is reflective of the personality of those who use it. This service is often offered by interior designers. Interior designers who specialize in interior design can also be called interior stylists and interior arrangers. You can choose the best interior designer for your home at

What does it mean to be a certified interior designer? 

A certified interior designer is an experienced design professional who can design, prepare, and submit any type of non-structural or non-seismic interior plans and specifications to local buildings departments. Through education, experience, and examination, certified interior designers have a solid understanding of the Uniform Building Code about space planning, life safety, and inefficient access codes. Interior designers typically have at least four years of education. Many interior designers have a master’s degree in interior design or additional education in architecture and interior design

What is the cost of interior decorators’ services?

Flat Design Fee: A flat fee is charged by the client for professional interior design services. This fee is based on the plan and time needed, as well as the scope of the services.

Hourly rate: Interior decorators charge an hourly rate.

Method of cost-plus: Professional interior designers charge a fixed percentage for all merchandise and services rendered by tradesmen.

Mixed-Method: Customers pay both a fixed percentage of the purchase price and an hourly fee.

Per square foot: This method can be used for new construction.

How To Choose An Interior Designer Or Redecorator
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