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Medical laboratory technologists require a college degree and practicing license to be employed in a health facility. 

They have a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology from an accredited college and after graduation, they work as interns in a hospital training program to acquire practical skills.

There are license exams medical technologists are expected to pass before they practice in the clinical training.

Skills and qualifications 

Medical technologists require not only laboratory skills but also soft skills that ensure they discharge their duties effectively. 

When a medical technologist fails to deliver quality and accurate results to doctors, it affects patient health outcomes, client satisfaction with services, and the hospital at large. Therefore, medical technologists require the following set of skills:

  • Communication skills: They interact with patients while collecting samples so they must listen attentively to patients and be empathetic.

  • Critical thinking: They are expected to be natural critical thinkers because of the numerous scientific analysis they do. 

  • Attentiveness: Their ability to pay attention to little details is necessary because small tiny alterations or errors in the laboratory can affect the quality of laboratory results.

  • Computer skills: The widespread use of electronic health records in hospitals makes this a mandatory skill for any intending or practicing medical laboratory technologist.

  • Problem-solving: Lab technologists face lots of problems in the laboratory and must possess this capacity to handle them. 

For instance, laboratory equipment or reagents may become faulty at critical times or when they are handling an uncooperative patient. Without this skill, a medical technologist will not perform excellently in a health facility.


How To Become A Medical Laboratory Technologist