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Dog separation anxiety is actually very common, but it remains one of the most overlooked and misunderstood causes of some of the major behavioral problems that dogs exhibit. This could be the reason for all the behaviors you might find antisocial, such as biting, chewing, and general excitement when they see you. 

Basically, separation anxiety is the fear dogs feel when their owner is separated from them. If you have a job, this can take up most of your day. Separation anxiety can manifest itself in the destruction of furniture when dogs express their fears and frustrations in the form of aggression. 

You can also consult a specialist via for treating dog separation anxiety professionally.

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One of the most important ways to improve your dog's separation anxiety is to make sure your dog knows his place in your family. Some dogs may be confused about their ranking, which can be achieved by letting them do certain things, such as leaving them on your couch at night. 

When they feel like the leader of the group, they care not only about their own safety and well-being, but also about yours. So when you leave, they will worry about whether you are safe or not.

A good way to suggest this is through obedience training. By effectively disciplining your dog, they learn to know that they rank below you and your family. As a result, they will no longer fear for your safety – your physical dominance and therefore your ability to take care of yourself is guaranteed in their minds.

How Dogs Separation Anxiety is Treated?