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Ideally, place your mushroom growing room in a dark and damp place like a cellar or crawl space. Especially for inexperienced mushroom growers, it is recommended to buy a growing box to start growing mushrooms at home.

The growth box contains a growth container, a transparent plastic dome, a growing substrate, and other important items to get you started.

If you start a mushroom garden with a growing box, you will have more control over the environment where you want to grow mushrooms. You can also buy microdosing mushrooms in Canada at

Next, you need mushroom spores. Again, you can extract spores from existing mushrooms by planting them in a liquid culture that you can use to start your own mushroom colony.

Especially for inexperienced mushroom growers, this is a proven method for getting good liquid culture from the mushroom supply business.

The next step is to insert the mold spores into the growing substrate to start your fungus colony. You inject liquid culture into the growth substrate and maintain growth conditions for specific types of fungi that are ideal for a period of 2-8 weeks to start the process.

There are many leading websites that help people to grow mushrooms at home or there are many sites from where you can buy good quality mushrooms.

They have all the equipment needed, including a kit of mold spores and mold, to be successful. There are many educational articles that will help you produce mushrooms that you can eat as quickly as possible. 

Growing Mushrooms At Home Is Not Simple
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