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Lighting in apartments is a challenge. Small apartments are a little light coming in through the small windows. It's possible that there's not enough room for a number of heavy lighting that takes up the space. You can definitely place outdoor color changing LED lights in order to provide a great appearance to your place. 

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Utilize natural light to the maximum. The most effective type of lighting is natural light. Artificial light is never as good as sunlight. Make sure you maximize the natural lighting that is able to come into your space. Open the blinds during the daytime. If you have heavy, dark curtains, you might want to replace them with lighter sheer curtains. 

Also, look for light furniture pieces. Metals, woods or other surfaces that are not dark reflect sunlight and make the room appear lighter. Consider hanging mirrors on windows to reflect light that is coming into. This will let in greater light levels than you imagine. 

Another way to add daylight in your home is to trim the branches of trees or bushes that block windows' view. Make sure to maximize the use of your lighting outlets. If you don't want a light fixture equipped with one bulb, opt to utilize spotlights instead. Utilize table and floor lamps when you have space. 

The most effective floor lamps are those with multiple bulbs. Most floor lamps are flexible "necks" that can be positioned in various ways, making it possible to provide lighting to different rooms of your house with the same lighting.

Get LED Lighting for Your Apartment To Create A Stunning Appearance